View Customer Order Details In Your Inbox

WP Inbox helps you reply to customer inquiries by displaying the contact’s ecommerce order details from their WordPress website user account directly inside your inbox.

👋 Start Viewing Order Details From Customers Directly In Your Inbox

WordPress Plugin Integrations With Orders


Effortlessly access order details, purchase history, and shipping details right from your inbox sidebar.

Easy Digital Downloads

Streamline customer support by easily accessing order details for each contact directly from your inbox sidebar.


Deliver personalized customer experiences by effortlessly accessing order data for each contact in your inbox.

Key Features Of The Orders Section

⚠️ NOTE: A few features shown in the graphics are not available yet but are coming very soon!

Main Orders Section In Sidebar

The main Orders section in the inbox sidebar offers a comprehensive overview of all contextual details regarding the orders associated with inbox contact on your WordPress website, such as the total orders by the customer, lifetime value, order type, order date, product name(s), order amount, and order status.

Individual Order Details

You also have the option to select any of the orders to access additional details about each individual order. This includes information such as payment method, SKUs, attributes, shipping details, order notes, related orders, and related subscriptions. Additionally, there’s a convenient button available for you to quickly view the order directly on your WordPress website.

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