View Customer Product Reviews In Your Inbox

WP Inbox helps you reply to customer inquiries by displaying the contact’s ecommerce order details from their WordPress website user account directly inside your inbox.

👋 Start Viewing Product Reviews From Customers Directly In Your Inbox

WordPress Plugin Integrations With Reviews


Effortlessly access order details, purchase history, and shipping details right from your inbox sidebar.

Key Features Of The Reviews Section

Reviews Section In Sidebar

The Reviews section in the inbox sidebar offers a comprehensive overview of all contextual details regarding any product reviews associated with inbox contact on your WordPress website, such as the product name, star rating, review title, review text, review status, and options to read more or less of each review.

Explore The Other Features

User Details

Display An Overview Of User Details


View Contact Subscription Details


See Student Course Enrollments

Email Marketing

Note Any Sent Email Marketing Campaigns


Customize Your Setting Preferences


Glance At All Order Details


Check Membership Status & Details

Check Donations Given By User

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