Introducing WP Inbox – Bring WordPress Data To Your Inbox

February 02, 2024 | Product News | 0 comments

WP Inbox allows you to view WordPress data directly in Gmail and communicate in context with your customers, members, students, and subscribers!

What Is WP Inbox?

WP Inbox is a WordPress plugin that organizes data from ecommerce, subscription, LMS, membership, and email marketing plugins installed on your website. It then syncs that data to your inbox app (Gmail so far, more coming soon!) and displays contextual information about the person in the sidebar of your inbox app. This allows you to have contextual information about the person at your fingertips while viewing or replying to messages from your customers, students, subscribers, and members.

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Who Is Behind WP Inbox?

WP Inbox was brainstormed and created by Nelson Lee Miller, owner of Pee-Aye Creative, a WordPress product creation company in Pennsylvania, USA. Nelson was originally known in the WordPress space for being a Divi expert, creating plugins for Divi, tutorials, courses, and child themes. But now Nelson and his company is branching out into many other areas of WordPress, with many huge and exciting products launching very soon.

Why Create WP Inbox?

As WordPress website owners with lots of users, we receive emails from people all the time asking about their orders, subscriptions, memberships, courses, email list, etc. We found ourselves constantly going through about 7 steps to open our website and find the reference order or user that we needed. This was not efficient, and we needed a solution, but we couldn’t find any existing tools to use.

The idea originally came while responding to emails in Gmail from customers on my WooCommerce store. I thought, “It would be nice to see everything about this customer order history while I reply in Gmail. This could be a Chrome extensions for WooCommerce, SureCart, memberships plugins to show contact details in the sidebar.” And from there, WP Inbox was born!

As product creators and problem solvers, we set out to build a product that would connect your WordPress website with your inbox. Our innovative solution brings everything related to your website users directly into your inbox, with the help of our WordPress plugin and Chrome extension. 

What To Expect Next From WP Inbox?

We have a long term vision for WP Inbox, and hope you are excited to use it as it continues to evolve and grow. We have two main goals going forward now that the first version of WP Inbox has been released.

More WordPress Plugin Integrations

We started WP Inbox with support for the most popular WordPress ecommerce, subscription, membership, and email marking plugins. But the world of WordPress us huge, and we recognize that you may have a favorite plugin that is not yet supported. But we want to add as many plugin integrations as possible!

More Inbox Apps

We decided to use Gmail as our first inbox integration because it was the most popular in our research and also because we were using it personally. It made sense to start with the browser extension, because now we can use it as a base to expand to other apps. We are researching inbox app integrations like Help Scout, Freshdesk, Gmelius, Front, Outlook, etc.

Please Share Your Feedback!

The integrations we work on next will be heavily based on customer feedback or requests from potential customers, so if you are interested in WP Inbox but do not see your favorite WordPress plugin or inbox app, please send us a message and let us know which plugin integration or inbox you use!

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